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Full Version: Voice Removal Effect
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Okay, I've a Zaurus 5000d, and, I've noticed that if you plug in head phones, and pull them out very slowly, you'll hear a point where the sound starts to sound weird. I noticed it is EXACTLY like the effect I get when I run songs thru a voice removal plugin on my favorite mp3 player. So, there's a way to have a cheap voice removal effect on your zaurus, but could someone explain why this works?
It's probably just sending the sound from a single channel to both earphones. If the mix on the tune you are listening to has the voice panned to the right 'phone and you conduct the left channel to both 'phones then you won't hear the voice.....
The voice is definitley not panned to the right. It sounds just like a voice removal effect, and, it works on every song I've got. also. I can run the voice removal plugin on a song that has no voice on my PC, it sounds a little different, I can do this trick on the Zaurus, and it sounds like it does on the PC
The vocal removal trick is very simple. You take the left channel and turn it upside down, then mix it with the right channel. Anything that was panned to centre in the mix gets cancelled out. As you pull the headphones out, the channels will touch the wrong terminals inside. At a certain point, the terminals will be touching in such a way that the above effect is acheived. Probably when the right channel touch the left and the left channel touches ground, or something like that.
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