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Full Version: Compiling ./configure script ?
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how can i cross compile a c++ program target on a arm-device ? im using gcc3.2.2

should i get a gcc3.2.2 cross compiler? how abt embedix? thanks
Could you please stop asking the same question in each of the forums and instead try to research a bit?
i have done a lot of researches, read a lot of tutorials, but found that there are many ways on doing this cross-compile, and different methods require different compiler version, some need to use 2.95, some require new/old kernel version, and so forth ......a lot of dependencies, i have formatted my linux cuz i have installed/compiled too much things , the OS was totally messed up.......and run out of ideas. So i just need some guides , sorry abt this
The issue is that you've asked pretty much the same question in loads of different parts of the forum.

This leads to fragmentation of the answers which is a real pain when someone comes to search and find the same answer.

Close this post, I'll continue to answer your questions in one of the others.

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