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Full Version: Huge increase in usability, but simple to QTopia gurus
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I'm amazed nobody has thought of this.
On the HP200LX you have hotkeys, both for the built in applications and the
ones which you can add. Even when the program is a "shell" program running
in MS-DOS rather than the program manager, you can still assign a launch key.

Since most of the keys aren't doing anything in QTopia desktop, this should be
an option.

Anyone? Pleeeeeeeze!
It will make the thing oodles easier to use for "command line" types like me. Save
me from digging in the QTopia desktop source to figure out the equivalent of

You mean key combinations to launch applications? Keyhelper can do that already, e.g. Home+K to launch Konsole and more can be added.
Keyhelper also alows you set up menus that can be brought up by key-combos that allow you to select an app or action to run - examples include starting apps, opening text editor with a specific file, closing down or suspending the Z, open dictionary and lookup selected word.

Basically if you can think of it, then keyhelper can probably do it. - along with being able to remap your keys.


p.s. I've started and intro to keyhelper in the howto section that gives you the basics of keyhelper - more to come soonish
And for external keyboards, IRK has had that functionality for over a year....
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