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Full Version: ipkg woes
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I'm trying to install a newer version of Qtopia-Cardmon onto my Sharp ROM and it tells me i need to uninstall the old one. so i try to do that from the konsole and it says "Qt/Embedded data directory is not owned by user 0." I can't install the new one 'til i get rid of that, any ideas?
Looks like the pre-removal or post-removal scripts are trying to run some qtopia app - probably qcop to reset the taskbar or applets or even the Z.

To get around this try using the GUI app to remove the package - if that don't work then you could have a look at the scripts (in /home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ folder on the C760) to see what is being run when the package is being removed - should be named <package>.prerm or <package>.postrm

You could try editing the scripts to get rid of the qtopia app that is being run.

THe other option is to remove all the files in info related to the package, and remove the package entry in /home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/status - then the ipkg prog will think the app is uninstalled.

hmm Ok thank you well I got both of those things done -- I removed all of the files pertaining to it in the /usr/qtpalmtop/plugins/applets dir and removed its entry in the ipkg status file (thanks for showing me that one btw!) However it tells me the same thing as before 'not owned by user 0' when i try from the command line. Maybe a bad ipk? I'll redownload it later and hope thats what it is. It doesn't work from the gui either sad.gif
are you uninstalling as root? If so, do a "export LOGNAME=root"

See if that works.
ha, too late to uninstall I already did, manually smile.gif Grrrr and the ipk file I'm using is just fine. The interesting thing about all of this is that I deleted as root all of the files in /usr/QtPalmtop/plugins/applets after shutting down the applet -- and it magically reappears upon startup. I've done everything as root, I just don't understand ... all I can think of is maybe it would work if I mounted the rom dir as rw but I don't know how to unmount it first so..............

cmisip, I tried that -- it tells me socket not open repeatedly and then tells me to add -qws to the command line which was odd as I was just doing it from a terminal inside qtopia tongue.gif!
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