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Full Version: New version of Tree!Explorer and English website!
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I received the following email from Taku:

Dear users,

This mail is sent to all those who are insterested in Tree!Explorer QT.

Finally I have come to open English web site of Tree!Explorer. All the contents are translated into English. Please come and visit the site!!!

There have been several issues to non-Japanese native users:
+ Warning messages shown in Japanese even selecting English. After
+ quitting the application, the language setting returned to
+ Only Japanese Readme.txt prepared.

These issues are now solved in Tree!Explorer QT Ver1.60, the latest version released recently. Please download Ver1.60. This version includes following features.

+ All warning messages in English (No more Japanese!) Some wrong English
+ messages modified.
+ Language Configuration continues (still in English after rebooting)
+ Readme.txt translated into English (Readme_en.txt)

Plus, I have contracted with Handango where credit card payment is available. If you want to register Tree!Explorer QT
Plus+(shareware) in English and pay, please visit Handango, you can do
Plus+it all in English!

Tree!Explorer QT - Free of charge
Tree!Explorer QT Plus+ - Shareware(registration required)

Here is something I need your help.
Since English is not my mother tongue, I am not sure if my English is correct. I am afraid that my expression in web site, readme.txt, program menus(including warning messages) might be wrong and mistaken by users. So if you found something wrong, please tell me. Your cooporation is a lot appreciated.

If you have any questions or request, please email me in English. BBS is also available. English? No problem!

taku - Tree!Explorer QT developer from Tokyo Japan.
Wonderful news!

Only hiccup I had is that when I installed the new version, the treeexplorer file in /home/QtPalmtop/bin did not have execute permission.

I had to:
chmod o+x /home/QtPalmtop/bin/treexplorer

before it would run. That could have been a burp on my end and not the IPK though.

This is one of my favorite programs. I really should get the + version and register it just to show support. smile.gif
that *is* good news. I've enjoyed the japanese convert version for a while.
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