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Full Version: Can the game "Abuse-SDL" be ported to Z?
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I found a game call "Abuse-SDL" what is base on SDL.
I am not play the game yet,but the screen shot looks great.
just wondering if it can be ported to Z.
I was able to compile a binary but I get a malloc error when I run it on the 5600. Maybe, the 5600 does not have enough memory?

If you have a 64 MB system and want to try it, let me know.
Abuse was fun smile.gif Not sure how good it is on a pda.

I thought it was an old DOS game using 4 or 8 megs max. I wonder if it really take more memory under SDL port.
Hm, as far as I remember, Abuse used mouse and keyboard for controls. You walk with the arrow keys, and aim and shoot with the mouse. I don't think that'd work on a clamshell Zaurus, don't know about the others, since I don't have one of them.
as being a keyboard + mouse game, it makes more sense to me running on a clamshell zaurus than on another one ... warcraft use keyboard and mouse and is fully playable ... doom use keyboard only and is fully playable too ... of course it won't be easy to play in the street one hand on the keyboard and the other on the touchscreen but WHY NOT ? you still can play with your zaurus on the table or whatever ... I'd be interrested in trying this port when my zaurus will come back from Japan
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