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Full Version: Sash I have a suggestion..
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I hope Sash is a regular to this forum now, it's great to see a ROM developer visit a forum for his ROM..

Here is my idea:

At the moment we have to press CTRL+3 to switch to right mouse button, CTRL+2 for middle and CTRL+1 for left. This was a good idea but is too difficult to do with any speed.

My suggestion is this:

As an alternative to the current way, I suggest there should be a second way too:

Touching the screen should only set the cursor position, not simulate a mouse click, that would be done by pressing key 3 for a left click, key 4 for a right click and both 3+4 for middle click. I have seen an option when installing linux distro's like mandrake for a 2 button mouse to be able to simulate the middle button by pressing both left and right together. It should be easy to do this.

Any suggestions / comments?
hey, You can do this Easy enough by remapping the keys yourself using xmodmap. Btw, i've been talking with Sash and he put me on board with him as part of the X11 rom dev team. smile.gif I'm really glad to help contribute to my favorite rom thus far out of both my c760 and 5500. this rom takes the cake. One thing i will also hope to add to the release is something simple and trivial but i feel it should be done, is map the comma and slash reversed, so that you don't have to hold shift to type a slash, as this is a major annoyance to me when using the console a lot.
I agree with the comma / slash reverse. How would one use this xmodmap then? Is it just a config file or a binary / script that I run?


I figured out the XMODMAP command (and how it's stubborn to only let you run it in the X term) and got a key listing, however I am unable to determine which keys are the 3 & 4 that I am after. I don't suppose anyone knows do they?
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