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Full Version: site outage tonight 9:30pm PDT 6/21!!!
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Tonight I will be moving the site to my new server that is physically located in my home connected to the new SDSL line.

I will probably take the server down at 9:30pm PDT (Pacific Time -8 GMT) tonight, and anticipate bringing the site back up before 11:00pm (approx. 1.5 hour downtime).

I will send out a broadcast email with the new server IP address, so that people can update their hosts file (if you wish). If all goes smooth, I might cut over to the new forums (IPB) tonight as well.

Thank you for your patience while we go through this transition!
Good luck smile.gif
well, it's done smile.gif

It looks like everything went very well. Now let's see how people like the site on the new server (ie. speed differences?), and the new forums.

BTW - this isn't my favorite skin for the forums, but at least it's not identical to the devnet board.

Also, you can now access the forums by simply going to:

(bypassing the main site)

hope you all enjoy (i'm off to bed!)
do we need to login twice? with the ZUG and the forum???
nope... you only need to log into the forums now... I've disabled logins on the main zug site
QUOTE(offroadgeek @ Jun 22 2004, 09:06 AM)
nope... you only need to log into the forums now... I've disabled logins on the main zug site

What does this mean for editing the FAQ and Howtos then? FAQ editing was restricted to logged in users IIRC and Howto wiki editing tracked who edited what.

I don't particularly like the current skin either. The colour scheme and icons are ok, but the layout doesn't seem very intuitive. BTW anyone can set their own skin, in My Controls->Options->Skin & Language, so I've set mine back to the default since there is only that and the new skin available. Maybe a couple of choices could be offered in order to satisfy most people. I like the default skin though smile.gif
I had to switch to the default IPB skin also because the Borderline-Slate skin was a very long(almost endless) scroll to the bottom of each page. This was with Konqueror and Mozilla Firebird... just wondering if anyone else had this problem?

With the default, everything works great.

Greg smile.gif
can we have the last 10 posts on the homepage like before?

and we can't search by entering only a wildcard (*)
QUOTE(ced @ Jun 22 2004, 01:27 PM)
can we have the last 10 posts on the homepage like before?

and we can't search by entering only a wildcard (*)

I was about to post the same request !, 15 would be better thought smile.gif
I have noticed one situation of posts out of sync:

New Forums

Old forums

Two posts in Old Forums are showing (I'm getting "reply posted" email) that do not exist in New Forums.

Just F.Y.I, not a huge problem, but it looks like a refresh is needed, and might be happening with other topics? <shrug>
Ah, finally in! The new board would not take my password for some reason. Had to do a reset, but it took about 8 hours for the email to show up! I'm in now though. smile.gif

I agree, I REALLY liked the "most recent 10" on the home page, if opinion counts. I figured it was a technology thing. In which case, well, it is all free so NO complaints here! smile.gif
OK... so the conversion utility won't actually sync the old forum tables with the new... it only overwrites them. I just tried it with the topics conversion, and unfortunately we just lost a couple (approx 5 - 10) because of that. (see this thread)

As I don't want to risk losing any more data in the forums, I've disabled the old forums (which I honestly should have done last night), and won't do any more converting. I appologize if you lost a post, but I think this is for the greater good.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.
thanks for all the work. For me it was always a first look at the frontpage of zaurususergroup to see what is currently going on. Now I am worried that the discussions could be weak for a while, because the people first have to go to the forum.
Or have I overseen something?
I also liked the feature of having the last posts on the home page, it was always the first thing I checked.
Other than that, the new forums are fine for me.

I really like the new forums. Invision seems to load pages faster, or maybe that is your shiney new connection to the server.

The active thread block is really going to be missed... I think it is just going to take some time for us to get used to going right to the forums instead of refreshing the homepage every few hours.

Overall, great work!
There's a 'View New Posts' link at the top of every forum page and a 'Today's Active Topics' link at the bottom of the forum index page, which should more than cover the previous forum features.
wow... I didn't realize that so many people liked the feature of the recent posts on the front page. I thought people just bookmarked the forum index and bypassed the main site altogether.

I was thinking it would be a benefit to have the main site officially disconnected from the forums, that way we can break away from the confines of the highly integrated postnuke site.

Overall I think we will really benefit from the features of this IPB forum, especially the upcoming feature (in v2) - LoFi Version. I think this will be really helpful when viewing the forums on a Z.

Anyway, it can't be that hard to build a block to view the recent posts on the main page... I'll start working on that.

thanks for all the valuable feedback!
This is just a guess, so just use it as a guide. I don't know how this bbs works, so I could be wrong.

I'd imagine that posts are stored in a table which has a 'date' cell. All you have to do is a sql statement that gets the last 10 or whatever results from the table, ordered by 'date'. That should be about enough information to generate a link to the actual post and will give you the last 10 posts to the forum.

Good luck
In my point of view, it's really better to have the main page like a main news page and use the "last post" button to see all new posts.

If you just want to see new post each time you connect to, why not bookmark the "new posts" link? It's more complete, faster, better, and leave more space (e.g. no more trash) on the main ZUG page.

The ZUG is not only the forum. The old 5 posts lists on front page was annoying because it was covering up the rest (my field of vision is perhaps too short). If people insist, perhaps a survey could tell us what people prefer...

-- Little annoyances --
1. I was thinking that the the big banner on top.ZUG Forums would leave and be replaced by something smaller.
2. The ZUG menu is * Home * Downloads * FAQ / How-To / Docs * External Links * and should be available everywhere on the site (like Tabs in Qtopia launcher).
How-To Docs link on the main page is not working:


modules/phpWiki/lib/FileFinder.php:82: Fatal[256]: DB.php: file not found

Strange problems with tags that are always as the end of the window. Perhaps a Mozilla 1.6 bug as I have the same symptom in Sharp forum.
If you want to go from the entrance ZUG page directly to the new posts page of the forum, you can insert the request into your own personalized menu.

Enter the following line in the editbox under "My Acount" / "My Homepage"

<A href="">New ForumTopics</A>
its not just about me. I am as a lot of ZUG members aware of the quality of this board. But on the way there are a lot of newbees asking for advice, espacially at a stage of making the desicion:
"To buy or not to buy" smile.gif
In these cases it was alwas very helpful refering to zug. I think it is quite impressive to see the whole thing at one look, including the download section link and the also Faq. The activity of the community demonstrates that this thing lives and goes on. This important because the Zauri are not supportet by sharp in a lot of countries. It is very representative for the power of opensource.
Sure it depends a lot on a couple of guys like offroadgeek.
Thx for the nice community.
amrein - I've addressed the wiki issue in another post (in this same forum).... basically I'm looking into the issue.

Regarding having the basic site links available through the site, you're thinking exactly what I am... I plan on adding icons and links to the navigation bar at the top of the forum (where the Help, Search, etc. links are) so that you can easily get back to the home page, the wiki, FAQ, etc. This will be easy to do, I just need to spend the time on it.
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