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Full Version: Can't access HowTo Docs
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It seems that the Database is not maintained as original. sad.gif
this is true... if you try to access the how-to docs now, you get the following:


modules/phpWiki/lib/FileFinder.php:82: Fatal[256]: DB.php: file not found

the move must have broken something with the wiki... I will look into this issue when I get home tonight...
QUOTE(offroadgeek @ Jun 23 2004, 02:45 PM)
the move must have broken something with the wiki... I will look into this issue when I get home tonight...

offroadgeek, how's it going?

The error message is now different this morning but still can't access the wiki pages.

Of course this happens when I'm trying to setup usb connection on my linux box sad.gif

The howto's you want are probably here:
I'm making some progress... as you said the error has changed. The problem centers around the different php version used on the old slackware box vs. the php version on the rh9 box we're on now...

none of the data is gone.. it's just not presenting it right now...

I'll post back with more progress soon
Any progress? I still get just a bunch of garbled characters (as mentioned in another topic).

If it's a PHP version problem, would it perhaps be feasible to run both versions in parallel? The old version would serve HowTos, the new one would serve the rest.

Erm... am I the only one missing the HowTos? To me, they make answering newbie questions a lot easier. Of course, there are the FAQs but even they often refer to HowTos for more detailed explanations. Is there any estimate as to when HowTos may be usable again?


terribly sorry for the delay! It's finally fixed now!

This was actually my top priority of issues to fix, but it was more difficult to do simply because I didn't know exactly what was wrong, except that it was possibly a php issue.

I turns out that because of the change from a slackware box to rh9, and the different php versions, I needed to comment out some code in the phpwiki module that had to do with compression.

Anwyay, it's fixed and I've updated the permissions so that anyone can modify the wiki (used to be set to only registered users, but as I'm moving away from the postnuke registration system to the ipb forum registration, this was best).

Ahh...! Thanks Captain.

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