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Full Version: Word game rules or HOW-TO?
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Can anyone tell me the rules for the scrabble-like word game?

I cannot work how to change letters or pass a go.
I play this constantly smile.gif

Rearrange the letters in to the order you want to apply them on the board by dragging them in the lower pane. E.g. if there's a "A" on the board and you want to spell ZAURUS, arrange your letters in the order ZURUS. Then click and drag on the board to lay the letters out.

The dictionary is not extensive, there are a lot of words it does not know. If it complains click "Add" and it will add your word to the dictionary. Don't bother cheating though- the Zaurus remembers the words and will use them against you in later games!

The only way I have found to skip a go is to tap on a letter already on the board and click the tick icon (or was it the -> icon, I can't remember)

Good game, very satisfying to beat the Z, as the more you play it the more words it knows.
Thanks for this.

I too enjoy the game very much and will try out your suggestion & will report back if it doesn't work.

Thanks again,

Does anyone have instructions on changing the Rules. I can decipher the most lines in Sample.rules but not the line "1 2 3 66 67 194 0".

Is it possible to have a blank tile, like in Scrabble, and what format is the dictionary file?
I can't help decipher the sample rules, nor with the dictionary format, but I can say that I've not come across any blank tiles.
QUOTE(pframpton @ Jun 28 2004, 04:42 AM)
what format is the dictionary file?

The dictionary is dawg (directed acyclic word graph) format. Here is a thread from DevNet where we discussed this briefly:

Unfortunately, the thread on the old ZaurusZone board that is referred to in the above thread is no longer available -- I'll have to see if I have a downloaded copy of it on my PC at home.

Here is some more info on dawg format:
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