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Full Version: Driver for SL 5600 ? (Windows XP)
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I just got my SL 5600 off of ebay, one small problem, the seller ripped me and didnt send a CD, now claims there wasnt one, but from what I read that isn't true, because of this my comp wont recognize the USB drivers etc. So I'm wondering if therees a way to do this, any way I can get the driver files + other files I need off the CD without having to buy a new 5600? I tried to d/l the 5500 CD from sharp (they didnt have 5600), but it didnt work. Also how can you tell which version you have, i think ive seen numbers like x250a or something, and apparently you need a patch for one of them...sorry I'm really new at this, I just want to get this to work in the next couple weeks with my D link wireless CF and my pocketop keyboard I bought for it. Any help is appreciated.
QUOTE(Clive @ Jun 23 2004, 10:54 AM)
any way I can get the driver files  + other files I need off the CD without having to buy a new 5600?  Also how can you tell which version you have,

Everything you need should be in the at the bottom of page. Here:

For the version, open the terminal and do:

cat /proc/version

Also search the Zug for the 'Special Kernel'

I got the file you were talking about but at around step 4 or so, you know when it tells you to hook the thing up to the dock and connect it to the computer, it would not sync or read or antyihng, because it does not have the right driver, I followed the instructions perfectly.

Wouldl any one be willing to email me the driver file from the install CD?
That really is the right driver download, honest! If it's not working, you either did miss something or there's something in your setup stopping it from working. It could be that installing the 5500 drivers has messed something up. Have you completely removed those drivers?

What ROM do you have on your Zaurus? (ROM version is in the System Info app at the bottom of the Version tab)
You're right sorry, I scanned the file but I guess the driver scan doesnt go into the subfolder which I thought it did, I had to go down to the right subwolder and I found some SL Series WDM driver, im assuming that's it so thanks
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