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Full Version: Search string length ;-)
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I'd forgotten all about this. lol.

For those of you who remember (me on) the devnet forum, I was always nagging to get a shorter minimum search string length.

This forum currently only allows search strings of 4 chars or longer.

Could we reduce this a bit please (I always reckonned 2 would be useful - CF, SD, etc., but I suppose it depends on how much processing power you want to throw at it)?

Lardman -

Just took a look at the admin settings and from what I can tell is with full text search enabled, of which it is, the minimum search string length is forced to 4 with no way of changing it.

Thanks for looking.

They managed to change it to 3 on the DevNet forums
Couldn't you alter the PHPs?
QUOTE(markw @ Jun 26 2004, 09:41 PM)
Couldn't you alter the PHPs?

Actually, it's because of a default fulltext setting in mysql being ft_min_word_len=4.

So I changed the default setting to =2, re-built the indexes and restarted the mysql server... (actually the mysql server stopped, but wouldn't restart, which is why I had to bounce the server tonight... sorry if you were posting anything and got errors).

Now the default setting shows ft_min_word_len=2, but I still can't search on 2 characters. I'll keep looking at it and let you all know when it's working.

Sorry for the reboot, and thanks for your patience! I'm confident that we'll soon have 2 character searching enabled.

OK - you can now search with 3 character minimum now. I was able to find out what changes needed to be made with IPB as well as what I had already done with mysql.

I went with 3 characters vs. 2 because of the additional resources a fulltext index and searches on 2 characters would put on the server. So see how you all like the searching by 3 characters, and let me know if you really think is should be brought down to 2. We could always give it a try and see if it bring the server to it's needs, or kill mysql.

Thanks for your patience with all of this!

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