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Full Version: kismet howto for sl-6000
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I know, search the forum and all.... I did, and I found some useful information. But... the links to the kismet on sl-6000 howto that's in the howto section of the site is corrupted or something. So, does anyone kmnow if the howto is available somewhere else not on the site or something similar?
Yikes, looks like the the whole Wiki is hosed! I'll dig around and see if I have a text version of the howto... Don't remember what system I wrote it on though...
I copied this from the how to pages a while back. It worked for me.

How to run Kismet on the SL-6000L

1) Obtain Kismet, Kismet-qt, libpcap, and libstdc++ from:
You will also need the terminal program from the install cd and relative confidence with a console prompt and the vi editor.

2) In terminal:
Copy libstdc++ to /usr/lib. Make sure the file permissions match the other libraries. Create a link to (ln -s

3) Install Libpcap using the package manager (Add/Remove Software from the Settings menu)

4) Soft reset (may not be required)

5) Install Kismet and Kismet-qt using the package manager

6) vi /home/root/usr/local/etc/kismet.conf to enable source=prism2,wlan0,prism2source. You may also want to turn off GPS support (unless you have one).

7) To prevent the Wireless Interface from timing out (and killing the kismet session) a Ad-Hoc Network Service is created. In the network app create a new service (I call mine “war-walk”). “any” for ssid. Ad-hoc type and then setup a bogus static IP address scheme with a class A mask. (IP – Mask - Gateway DNS

8) Connect to this service.

9) Set Kismet GUI to run as root. Then run the Kismet GUI and watch the networks appear...
thanks, that did the trick!

everything seems to work fine now. though i wish kismet-qt came with a manual =), this is all new to me.
like why is there a copy button in the results window and what's the strings tab for... not that it matters much, it does what i wanted it to do, so there's one more happy man on this planet (for a few days).
QUOTE(angst @ Jun 28 2004, 02:52 PM)
I copied this from the how to pages a while back. It worked for me.

So glad you grabbed that! I was starting to think I'd have to figure it out again... I've saved your post in about 4 places now! rolleyes.gif
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