Dear all,

we have published a new developer snapshot of myPDA/mySTEP which is a Cocoa environment running on the Zaurus so that Mac applications can be easily ported to a handheld device. Compatibility includes Objective-C, Cocoa, Foundation, AppKit and extends even to PreferencePanes and MenuExtras.

Software development is done with Xcode on a Mac and then one uses the cross compiler Zaurus-X-gcc and the mySTEP libraries to create an application bundle that additionally includes executable code for the ARM/Linux system of the Zaurus.

This is copied to a Zaurus with myPDA-Zaurus-Edition as a runtime environment (which is sort of "OS X Lite": ARM instead of PowerPC, Linux instead of Mach, X11 instead of Quartz, myFinder instead of Finder etc.).

You can esily find this for download either on or through Version-Tracker with the search key "zaurus":

New in this version are:

* Installation simplified and made more robust
* New Applications added (mostly alpha stage, i.e. not complete functionality) like
myCalc - RPN calculator
myAddresses - Address book
myTerminal - Terminal application
myPhone - Phone dialer (for GPRS CF modem card)
* Stability and robustness increased
* Clock and Battery in menu bar can be customized
* many Bugs fixed (please refer to the HISTORY of the mySTEP sources for details)

Note when trying and using that this is still alpha stage (called Developer Release).

-- hns