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Full Version: SLC-860 supports only J2ME PP (?)
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I've tried to run PocketDesign on a SLC-860, but I've run into problems instead. The application wouldn't launch, intepreter complains that class "" cannot be found (NoClassDefFoundError).

Research has lead me to Java Programming Guide:
which explains that J2ME PP doesn't support some of Java features that were previously available in PersonalJava (such as

It seems that on some Zaurus machines (like SL-5500) the original Java was PersonaJava (Jeode by Insignia) with an option to install J2ME PP (from Sun).

Unfortunately SLC-860 is equipped only with J2ME PP, and applications that do not conform to it would not run... Sharp site has some explanations, unfortunately in Japanese:

If you have an idea how to get PersonalJava running on on SLC-860, please share it.
The JeodCreator can be used to extract the Jeode environment from an original 5500 ROM into an .ipk. I doubt it would help you, though, as the hardware is quite different.

Another way to make things work would be to implement the missing classes, package them as a .jar and put it in your CLASSPATH. A StringBufferInputStream doesn't look that difficult (and could be really easy if you used Sun's source code - although that would probably be illegal rolleyes.gif ).

Maybe someone somewhere has already created such a .jar so try googling around ("j2me personalJava compatibility layer" perhaps?).

You can have both JRE's (J2ME PP and Jeode) at the same time. Just install the Jeode package from the ZUG downloads:

Then run your app with evm (Jeode) or cvm (J2ME).

Hope this helps!
The Jeode package installs on SL-C860 and replaces J2ME PP - they both have "evm" executable, so a simple ipkg install does not allow you to have both at the same time. I guess you would just need to rename evm->cvm prior to Jeode installation. PocketDesign now runs, ZX4Z is actually useful - it was extremely slow under J2ME PP.

Anyway, all Java applications for Zarusu that I have seen so far are written for Jeode, so not having J2ME is not a problem.

Thank you for the tip :-)
Sorry I have to disagree with you here - J2ME PP does not have "evm", evm on the Cx60 before installing jeode is a bash script that doesn some minor translation and calls /home/QtPalmtop/java/j2me/bin/cvm with whatever arguments you called evm with. Generally this allows programs designed for jeode to work with J2ME PP, but not all.

After installing jeode, which overwrites the evm script, you need to manually make a symlink from /home/QtPalmtop/java/j2me/bin/cvm to /home/QtPalmtop/bin/cvm so that run j2me pp apps using "cvm", while jeode apps can be called via "evm"

I know for a fact that this works (ie installing both J2ME PP and Jeode) on a C760 because I have had both installed for about 2 months now.

Thanks for clearing that up Stubear. I knew that you could have both installed, but I just got the details of cvm/evm confused.
What are PocketDesign and ZX4Z? Where can I learn more about them and download them?

Thanks. smile.gif
What are PocketDesign and ZX4Z?  Where can I learn more about them and download them?

PocketDesign is a drawing tool written in Java:

ZX4Zaurus is a ZX Spectrum emulator for Zaurus, also written in Java:
Ah... thanks! smile.gif
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