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Full Version: Mplayer version
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Can someone please tell me is there a switch or something to tell me what version of mplayer i have currently installed?
Just run mplayer from the console, and the first line will display the version number.

Thanks i did that. got this

Mplayer 0.91-3.3.1

I currently have kino 2 0.3beta installed and when i went and got all the files from here:


They all installed but yet when i type mplayer i get the same version. Is this correct? If so can i uninstall all the libraries that i just installed?

How does one check for current versions of libraries?
If you want to use 1.0 pre 3 instead of 0.91 then you will have to remove the mplayer parts of kino2 and install move/symlink the 1.0-pre3 mplayer so that kino2 can find it.

I remember a poast about how to do that floating around the forum a while ago, but "ipkg files kino2" will show you where kino2 has installed files and "ipkg files mplayer-w100" will show you where the new mplayer files live.

Good luck

Thanks again Stubear. Thing is that i can't get any information about installed stuff from ipkg. I get not found /usr/lib/ipkg/lists/omega file not found.

How do i find out where a program is running from? ie. when i type a program and it runs how do i find out where that program is located?
That's a strange error message - you can look for the file list yourself in /usr/lib/ipkg/info/
There will be a large number of files with the extenstino .list - these funnily enough list all the files installed for the package.

To find out where a program is (or which of multiple copies of a program) being run from, use
which mplayer

replacing "mplayer" with whatever program you want to find, it should return something like
bash-2.05$ which mplayer

mplayer-w100_1.0pre3.1-2_arm.ipk installs the binary of mplayer in "/opt/QtPalmtop/bin/mplayer". So all you need to do is erase/rename the symlink of mplayer in "usr/bin/mplayer" and synlink the new mplayer.
ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/mplayer /usr/bin/mplayer

...ought to do it.

I'm compelled to tell you, however, that I had mucho problems with Kino v2.0.3 and both the old and new mplayer where many files just did not play at all. I solved them by going back to the old Kino and mplayer combo (which works well).

Here's the thread:

If you only play movies that the new kino supports, then it's not a big deal...
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