Hi all,
I have been using OZ for the entire lifetime of my zaurus 5500, but thought I would have a look at theKompany.rom. After flashing, I plugged the zaurus into its cradle and the hotplugging loaded the usbnet driver as normal and brought up the usb0 interface, so far so good. However unlike the OZ rom my scripts in /etc/hotplu/usb/usbnet were not executed (to set the ip [] set up the IPtable etc etc etc), however the interface came up with the ip and the /etc/resolv.conf had also been changed to now point to a new DNS server ?? What gives ? Has anyone else had thekompany.rom change their desktop settings ?
I know thekompany.rom won't sync with a linux desktop, but that is not the problem that I am asking about, I just want to know whethe thekompany.rom changes others desktop settings also ?