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Full Version: Citrix client
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Several people attempted to get a Citrix client running on the Z, but to my knowlege, none were completely successful. As of now, I'm using my 5500 to VNC to my home machine which is running a Citrix client. It's a kludge, but it works.

Do any of you smart people want to take another shot at getting the Citrix client to run native on the Z?

There's an ARM version available here

and there's a Java version here

You would make a lot of people very happy if you solve this puzzle!
One other solution to try (don't know if you already looked at it) is NXClient. I don't know if it completely supports Citrix sessions, but it claims to allow you to connect to citrix sessions.
I downloaded and installed the NXClient, but as far as I can tell, it can only connect to an NXServer. Unless I'm missing something, you can't use it as a drop in replacement for the Citrix client.
I wasn't sure, I don't have a citrix server to connect to, I was just reading what it said off the NXClient website.
What we'd need is basically a native port of the ICA client for OZ. To my knowledge, there's one for Linux so the problem can't be that huge.

Else, there's the possibility to have a Java applet instead of a ICA client, installed on a webserver. See for more details? Possibly, Jeode could run this perl of wisdom.
Tropic, the ARM version requires X11 & the Java version isn't compatible with Jeode, so I'm still looking for a solution.
I'm just about to try out the NXClient to connect with my school's citrix server....I'll post my results here once I've attempted.

I did try installing the citrix client on my Zaurus, but it gave me some esoteric complaint which I can't reproduce from memory.

I'm running OZ3.36-pre1 with opie 1.14 using the hentges mods/ROM

I can run the NXClient using the compat libs I say, I'll report back findings here.
Have you tried running the ARM client over XQT ?

I don't think that it's got too many dependencies over standard X, it may just work with a small number of base libraries.
Hello World,

something new about citrix client? did you think it's possible to make it Work on zaurus? rolleyes.gif
No more news? Nobody can compile this for us?
I got the Citrix-arm-client working fine using XQt/Debian workstation. Have used it together with vpnc for several months without problems on my C3100.

See link for details on install:

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