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Full Version: Small touchscreen "issue" on an SL-5600
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Got my Z about a week ago and ive recently noticed (while playing around in the paint app) that some times (quite rare, but also annoying) when i tap on the screen, i will get another tap some distance downwards from the place i tapped (thats the best way i can describe it tongue.gif ). So in paint, this would result as a small ht vertical line being drawn just as i tap. As i said it is quite rare though. I want to find out wether this is a hardware issue or something common in PDAs (i do recall something similar happening on my HP h2210).

PS: Ive also tried screen rotation (using the latest tKc rom) and the same thing happens, although this time the line is horizontal.

Any ideas?
After some testing i seem to have discovered the cause of the problem. It seems to happen only when i tap lightly on the screen. Firm taps never cause this...anyone who can confirm this?
Can someone plz tell me wether this is normal or not? Plz?? smile.gif
I had to learn to keep other parts of my hand from brushing the screen when I used the stylus... big hands/small stylus wink.gif

This caused the touch point to jump... drove me crazy until I figured it out!

Perhaps this is happening to you?
Nah, i really doubt it. I did get an interesting opinion though from someone on IRC. I was told that it might be a timing issue, a possible side effect of flashing the "special" kernel, (the one with the PXA250 fix).

Can anyone confirm?
The first version of the Special Kernel had touchscreen problems. Version 1.3 of the Special Kernel from the ZUG downloads does not have this problem however.

I noticed when I had the IrDA applet installed that it was causing Qtopia to slowdown frequently, which caused touchscreen weirdness like this. The IrDA applet isn't compatible with the 5600 and that is what was causing the problem in my case.
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