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Full Version: Power button works once?
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Please help....

At first I thought I had a bad battery: See Topic Here

But then after doing some experimenting it turns out that I can turn on my Z but as soon as I turn it off (with a full batery) I can't turn it back on. I have to switch the back button to "Replace Battery" and then back to "Normal Operation"....then I can turn it back on....note that when it comes back on the battery is still indicating a full charge. So I've ruled out the battery.

Any ideas???
JimDog, i suggest that you get a signature so that we can see what kind of hardware you have.

Sounds a bit strange, like keymapping got screwed up but that seems unlikely. If it's a C series did you try to hit the home button to turn it on?
Have you installed X Windows with a Sharp ROM? Perhaps this is the problem:
Hmm...being that this is the "Everything 5x00" forum I thought it would be obvious I have either a 5500 or 5600.

I have the SL-5600 with the Sharp Rom (updated).

Anyone else?
You can install XFree on a 5500/5600 and that FAQ problem was know about before the SL-Cxxx Zauruses came out.

In any case, the usual reason why you can turn a Zaurus off but not on (without a reset), is because something you have installed is interfering with APM. What have you been installing recently?
That's a good question....see the problem is I was using it pretty regularly and then it sat at home for two or three weeks. So honestly I don't remember what I installed last. However as soon as I get home I'll take a looksy (haven't been bringing it to work anymore since it has this issue and it bugs me).

If it's not obvious to me what might be doing it then I'll probably just uninstall everything, maybe even re-flash it with the Sharp rom again and see what happens. I'll post an update when I've done it.
Well tumnus I think you were right (read: THANKS). I uninstalled everything except mplayer and one or two things I knew for sure weren't an issue. Sure enough the damn thing works fine just like before. The battery still holds a wicked long charge and it turns on and off just fine.

Thanks again!

Now if I could only get a version of's ROM for the 5600 I'd be an even happier man! biggrin.gif
JimDog. I followed your woes from your original post.
Thanks for asking the question. The answers (and the solution) were very helpful to me.

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