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Full Version: Trouble installing a library-libncurses5
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Hi All,

I need to install libncurses5 but the only versions of it that I can find seem to be corrupted, in that I get error messages when I try and install it from the console (can't remember them exactly but something to do with bad headers?). Now I can't uninstall it. Someone in another post about this suggested installing it manually, only I don't really know how to do that. So, if I manually install it, I'm hoping that I'll over-write which ever file is causing the problem with the uninstall. Is this correct? Can anyone give me instructions on how to manually install the library? Alternatively, can someone help me out with a copy of the file that's definitely not corrupted?

Many thanks

Not wishing to bump, more of a ps really, but I've found a newer version of libncurses5 on the ipkg find site. If it's packaged as an arm.ipk does that mean it's OK for use on a zaurus? (This must sound like such a stupid question, I'm sorry, but I'm still getting used to linux)


Yes, it should be fine.
Great. Now should I manually uninstall all the old files? I've just found out about the ipkg lists in /usr/lib/info, so can I get away with deleting all the files that are listed in there, as uninstalling either from the console or from the app throws up an error. It seems to have a problem uninstalling the /lib/ file. Will a later version just overwrite this?

Thanks for your help

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