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Full Version: Printing utility
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The only deficiency that I have remaining with my c860 is that there is no printing capability. One really cool thing would be to view and print pictures from the Zaurus. There is a set of protocols that various that allow my digital camera to print directly, via the usb, to some enabled printers. Maybe this could be ported for the Zaurus.

I'va also heard about printing via the infrared port but haven't seen any specifics as well as printing over the LAN.

Heck, I'd settle for some generic way to print text via the usb.

Anyone have any ideas?
I thought it was possible to send a document to a network printer using smb commands. I seem to have read this somewhere. Maybe someone can clarify?
The USB 1.1 on the Zaurus won't work with most printers (only newer spec-ed have a peer-to-peer capability).

IrLpt should be possible, but you need the print function to be built in to the application (note that most QPE demos have a print option, but I don't think QPE does).

There are two other problems. First, you need to talk a printer protocol, and most printers have their own, although PCL and PostScript are the most common. Even then, color v.s. monochrome can be a problem. So even a "print screen" type function becomes difficult.

If you already have a printer that can accept CF or SD flash cards, you should already be able to print pictures already there by using the cards. A program to screen-capture to JPEG would be easy (there is already one to BMP with shift-function-C?).
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