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Full Version: Bluetooth CF card and C750
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I have 2 BT CF cards, one from Socket, and one from Belkin. I can't seem to get either to work for Networking with a BT AP. I have the Blue Z driver installed a Qtopia ROM. I tried to configure as a PAN device but it doesn't seem to see my card. When I plug in the Belkin it says "New Card: serial or modem", and the Socket says "Socket Bluetooth card v 2.5". I am assuming I should concentrate on the Socket since it seems to be recognized properly atleast.
Hi Magellan,

after several weeks of testing/hacking, I couldn't make the belkin card work. But my socket v2.5 Rev. G, after the same amount of hacking effort, works nicely and fits better in the cf slot.

I'd suggest:

1) forget about the belkin card
2) go into the how-to section, and folllow the excellent bluetooth instructions to get the socket card working
3) post any further problems you may have regarding the socket card

P.D.- before trying point #3 above, go to the nearest supermarket and buy an extra-large luck & caffeine bottle :-)
Yeah, I gave up on the Belkin. It seems only to work with PPC devices, and I do like the socket and the fact it doesn't stick out at all. I will mess around with the socket and see what happens.

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