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Full Version: VNC no image?
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I installed keypebble (running OZ, installed keypebble from the stable feed) and I do not seem to know what I am doing. I set up KDE remote desktop to accept uninvited connections with a password and when I try to connect from my zaurus the bottom of my screen says 'connected' for like a few seconds (only if I try display 0, otherwise I get connection refused) but it does not do anything else. Isn't it supposed to show the remote desktop next? I have searched for like the past day and a half for an answer but no joy on that. Any insight? Or any links to a place that has good info on using keypebble?
I guess I should also say that when I just tried to run it from the comand line and what it says:

connected, logging in...
waiting for server version...

and that is where it sticks.

Is it a port problem then? I do not see a way to change it from keypebble and KDE seems to be set to auto and everything is grayed out.
OK, I got it working, it was just a problem on th server side.

Now I have got to say that this is the coolest thing I have ever done with my Z so far. To be able to see and control my other computer from across the house (or from school) is priceless. I wish I could see the look on my wifes face when the music starts playing and her web page keeps changing but she doesn't know why. LMAO.

So like I said it is working, but if I try to scale it at all I get a SIGSEGV error when I touch the screen. Any thoughts on this?
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