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Full Version: Announce: Pretec GPRS card
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The Pretec GPRS card is now available from SDG Systems for the Zaurus (and Yopy). We provide an ipk file to configure basic PCMCIA configuration. Instructions for T-Mobile (unlimited Internet access for $30/mo., or $20/mo. if you use their voice service as well) are available in the User Forum area at

The card is available in our online store:
- Will it run down the battery quickly on my C760?
- Does your Zaurus software allow dialing of voice calls?
- How fast is the data service?
- Will it work on PowerBook under OS X as well?

Thanks for supporting Zaurus!
The software for the Zaurus is minimal at this point, pcmcia configuration files and instructions / support provided. At the moment, it's a data-only solution. Throughput is less than 1xRTT, but still reasonable for e-mail at around 40Kbps.
I'm not sure about the Powerbook. It presents a serial interface to the OS, so it should work. I'll look for power draw specs...
Pretec GPRS modules usually have their own battery so they won't draw power of Zaurus too much. But the battery makes them big, heavy and uncomfortable for carrying... smile.gif I'd try Audiovox instead.
Could you tell me the model of audiovox card and the zaurus?
Vendors say that Audiovox RTM-8000 Tri-band card is recognized as generic serial modem by Zaurus 7x0/860 series and works well (they claim they've tried it this way). I have no cause to doubt, but I suspect there won't be any software (e.g. dialer) available, since almost all the OEMs seem to notice only Palm and Pocket PC platforms. smile.gif They say that one who uses Linux on PDA is (or has to be) smart enough to port or write any program he needs. smile.gif It's sad. sad.gif
I use the Audiovox RTM-8000 with no problems, I prefer to have it use the Z battery, since it reduces the clutter.

I have written a how-to document, posted here in the communications forum, and uploaded the serial_cs.o file along with the scripts and instructions.

Note that it works with voice as well, you just need to type the dialing string to dial. I know some who do that with their Z's, I haven't since I only pay for data.

But I do agree that manufacturers don't care about the Linux PDA market, it's just too tiny for them.
I have bought a second hand Pretec GPRS CompactFlash card for my Zaurus c860. The Zaurus is running Cacko 1.22a. I've installed sdgsystems driver so the card is recognized when inserted. Then, I've configured a Dial Up PPP connection with my mobile phone provider's informations.

However, when I try to connect, the card does not work... The Zaurus enters in the "Initializing" phase but does not go further.

Anyone can help me ?
Guylhem and I have both been working on Z voice dialler programs.

G's works now, it's in beta. It allows voice calls.

Mine doesn't *do* anything yet except act as proof of concept, but it will allow you one day to make voice calls and send/receive SMS.

The Audiovox RTM-8000, which I have, comes in two versions, with or without a headset socket (it uses the Nokia 2.5mm four-way jack). It's powered off the Z, is compact and neat.
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