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Full Version: Mac OS 9
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Hello all,

I am trying to get an older G3 with USB ports Running OS 9.2.2 to work with my Zaurus SL-5600. Do any of the non-Sharp ROMs support OS9 directly? Do any of the ROMs (Sharp or otherwise) support Palm OS Emulation (i.e. using palm desktop)? Could a Java program help me in some way?

Any ideas you might have are welcomed.

Best Regards,

Robert B. (newmsubob)
With the little bit of Mac OS X support for the Z already, and without a USB extension/driver for OS 9 that would work with the Z, it is really going to be tricky getting OS 9 to recognize your Mac. IrDA might be a possibility if you have a CRT iMac or PowerBook with infrared. I think your best bet is to use either an ethernet CF card or WiFi card to connect to your Mac. You will also need something like Timbuktu so your Mac can be recognized on the network by your Z since there is nothing like Samba built into 9. A CF or SD card reader would work best for a straight file transfer. I don't think Java would help getting you connected.

Your other choice is getting OS X. I run it on a 400 MHz PowerBook G3 with 384 MB of RAM and it runs great (that's what I'm using right now). As long as you don't have a beige G3 you can run 10.3 no problemo.

My 2¢,

I think FTP is your best (only) bet for OS9, provided you have a network card.

Hi all,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I too had thought about connecting the Z to my Mac’s ethernet port, but I am reluctant to spend any money on a solution that is untried. I am a student and cannot afford to by a piece of equipment that is not going to get used.

The only reason I needed OSX on my G3 desktop was for the Zaurus. Unless I was doing something wrong, Qtopia 1.7 for OSX (with USB driver of course) does not sync with the 5600 (I have the latest Sharp ROM). I get the home directory as expected on the desktop of OS X, but no sync.

HOWEVER, Virtual PC 4 (runs in OS 9) does recognize the Z. I don't use VPC because registry errors have plagued every install of MS Windows in the emulator. This means that, indirectly at least, OS 9 DOES detect the Z.

I mainly use the PDA for scheduling. Is there anyway to export my PIM data via CF/SD card to OS 9 (MS Office 2001 etc.)?

Best regards,

Robert B. (newmsubob)
MAC OS 10.3 runs fine with the zaurus


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