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Full Version: Free version of IQnotes for CXXX?
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I'm testing IQnotes, but it does not go landscpae on my C860(yes, I did uncheck the "magnify" option.)

It is the free version, is there a free version that does landscape, or is this only available in the commercial version?

I am testing IQNotes and StageOne to see which I like best. IQnotes is free and looks OK, but no landscape really makes it a pain. If I buy one, StageOne looks like the more polished and professional option.

Thanks for any help/tips/opinions etc. biggrin.gif
One does exist, though I do not have a link. Someone from Japan had hacked the free version to make it usable in landscape. Personally I bought the proper version after having the hacked version.
I can confirm the latest version (compiled version has to be purchased) does work fine in landscape.

Difficult to choose between apps when you have to hand actual money over. You just know the one you did not buy is going to be better in the next version smile.gif

From what I've seen, IQNotes has not been updated for a few months now. Not sure if updates are planned any time soon.

Perhaps you might want to ask the author.
If you want to save Japanese characters and be able to read them later then try this version.

If then the download the source from Zuber's link below and compile it yourself - compiles on the Z using Zgcc or cross-compile on a linux box.

I'm currently trying to get the 2.0.2 version to save Japanese (an probably other langs too) in utf-8 properly so that it can be read again after saving instead of becoming mokibake.


Update: I've found that encoding the iqnotes xml files allows you to read Japanese and other unicode characters after saving - not sure why that works but plain doesn't

Thanks for the helpful info! I think I will try Stubear's suggestion to compile the source via Zgcc - not something I have ever done, but the learning will be just as valuable as the final result!!!
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