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Full Version: Add/Remove takes longer than ever to run
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Hi all,

My model is C860 Sharp rom.
These weeks I found that the built-in Add/Remove takes much longer than ever (about severl minutes) to scan for new ipk to install.

I remember some time ago I may have messed up entering "ln" by mistake in the Terminal. Would this be the culprit?

Thanks a lot for your help.

are u having a very large memory card? i remembered that the Add/Remove will scan through the cards (SC and CF) and if you have many files and a large memory card, it takes minutes to complete.
Thanks, Snufkin.

You are right. I ran several tests and the results were clear.

When I run "Install Packages" without any cards, the search finishes almost instantly.

With my Panasonic SD 256mb (Super High Speed) mounted, the search is done a bit slower, though not a very noticeble difference.

With my Kingston CF 512mb mounted, the problem comes in.

I remembered when I first used the CF card on my C860 the performance was not that bad. Or is it an illusion?
Also the larger number of ipks that could be installed, the longer the start up time.

This is because the Install app, unzips and untars each ipk to read the control file inside it to see what version it is. If the uncompressing fails for any reason that ipk will not show up in the list - this is why ar compressed ipks from OZ don't show up even if they are in the Install_Files folder.

If you have a heap of ipks and only want to install one, the quickest way is to double click on it in the File manager, that will open the Install app with only that app loaded.

Not removing files shouldn't anywhere near as long to open when you have a lot of ipks present as it only reads from the ipkg status file to see what is installed.

Probably stating the obvious, but I never really use the installer to list packages.

Just pick the package directly from a file manager. This runs the installer almost instantly.

Uninstall is still quick, since it does not scan for files.

wacko.gif Perhaps I should have read the last post.
The default File Manager works like a charm. Thanks a zillion! biggrin.gif
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