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Full Version: Opeieplayer2 not found
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I'm having a lot of trouble getting things installed on my 860. (Which works out to be a good learning experience for me).

I want to install opie media player. Everything has installed alright but when I select the icon, I get the message "Could not locate application opieplayer2" Yet opieplayer2 exists in the /opt/QtPalmtop/bin directory which is in agreement with the mediaplay.desktop file.

Any suggestions?
Does it have the right permissions?

Try chmod +x /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/opieplayer2
yes the permissions are correct. I have the same problem with a lot of the apps I've installed. For instace hancom word & sheet both give the same message. In the case of hancomsheet - it is linked to a file called quickexec which doesn't seem to exist. (If I say find / -name quickexec it tells me its in /opt/Qtpalmtop/bin but I can't find it with ls or with the file manager????)

Also, most apps are linked to quicklauncher - how does this find a runable program???

I'm getting confused about how all this is supposed to work. Is there a document on this level of opie operation?
Just to add I have the same problem across a number of apps I have tried to install on my 760 using the 3.3.5 official and experimental feeds (they seem to be the same at the moment anyway) i.e "could not locate application"

Are we all being thick or is this a problem someone's currently working on. For my money Opie is the way to go but this is getting frustrating any hint would be much appreciated.

A layman's simplistic explanation of the quicklauncher mechanism:

The quicklauncher program contains bits that are common to OPIE apps. When a link to quicklauncher is executed, quicklauncher uses the link's name to find out which app to run. Once run, the common bits stay loaded in memory even when the app closes. The point is to speed up application launch.

Apparently quickexec has the same function but is incompatible with quicklauncher for some reason. There have been discussions around this a while back, you might try searching the forums.

I assume as you're refering to quickexec you're trying to run the very latest hancom apps. It's possible (I've posted about this before somewhere or other on the devnet forum), but not pretty. You're better off running the old apps which came with the original 5500 2.xx roms.

Out of interest, are you able to start opiemediaplayer2 from the command line?

[quote="lardman"]Out of interest, are you able to start opiemediaplayer2 from the command line?/quote]

No that didn't work either. I can't remember the error message I got. RIght now I'm trying out the TKC rom, so I'll get back to this problem if that doesn't work out.
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