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Full Version: Adressbook options?
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Hi there!

I've asked about this before, but no one seems to know an adressbook I could use with my 5500
on OZ that has a commandline interface, so ... What other options do I have? Maybe someone has a good idea on this one:

What I have: My addressbook in a MySQL database, too many entries to retype them (and to much hassle for maintanance), on my Desktop machine. I usually access it via a php script I made for local usage, including suitable search functions and so...

What I want: Right now, I carry a html-page, generated by the afore-mentioned php script, on my Z, and I just look at it when I want to find something. But the entries really are becoming to much, so I'd like to have something with a search function. As I said, I don't want to type-in all the addresses again, I'd like to do it from the commandline (so I can use a script for that). But I don't want to use the commandline (say, a text file with grep) on the Z, that's too much hassle as well. I also don't want to install apache+php+mysql on my Z...

So, yeah, looks like I'm really a spoiled kid *G* Anybody got any idea how I could accomplish all of the above? Thanks for any pointers smile.gif


P.S.: Yeah, I searched killfilez and the like, but none of the addressbooks seems to have a commandline-interface sad.gif
Ok, I've got a solution smile.gif

Just to tell, if someone's interested: I'm using abook now, find it at killefilez. I't's pretty unstable, and I had quite some problems introducing the right fiels et al.... But now, it can import CSV-Files, which in turn I can make via a php script. I've made that script, and so now I can just transfer and import the file...

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