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Full Version: a new word processing tool, please...
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Fed up wih hancom ( word ! It deleted many of my works every time i had to hard reboot even if my docs were on CF ! No spellchecker, no way to read the .doc docs i, and very basic text enlightment !!! So i moved to pdaxrom and abiword, the most powerful word processing availiable for zaurii...

But cacko qt rom is less power eating than pdaxrom, so i could take more notes with qt... if it had a real power processing tool...

Can one of those be compiled for QT, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???

Thanks in advance.
OpenOffice is too resource hungry and uses it's own widget set. Abiword is GTK only, so it would be too much work to convert to QT.

The best looking option is currently TextMaker, which is currently in beta for the Zaurus, although it is not free.
Lyx could be interessting. There is also a qt version available. I have already running latex on a 5500er.
Hi Teletubbie

I had a look at Lyx and agree that this seems like a good alternative.

I wonder how difficult Lyx would be able to port to the Z, since they mention the Qt compatibility on their site.

Any gurus out there that can comment?

Cheers! biggrin.gif
I would love to see Lyx on the Z. But in the meantime, TextMaker is superb, and I intend to be buying it when its released ...

We had a lyx thread (actually a few) around here a while ago. Apparently, it was a lot more trouble than it seemed - not impossible mind you, but it needed some dedicated people to get it working (ie. not a quick compile jobbie).

I'm a betatester for Textmaker, it's got everything a wordprocessor should have (and then some). If you need heavy duty wordprocessing, it is a great solution.

If I can re-open this thread...
I use OpenOffice exclusively on the desktop and ever since I got my Z, I have been waiting/dreaming/hoping for a 'real' word processor that can handle the OOo file formats. The widget set for OOo is different and the apps are too big for use on the Z, but it would be great if a real word processor on the Z could use the same files without converting from one format to another. I would like to be able to synchronize (Unison is excellent for this!) the ~/data directory on my Z with the one on my desktop and work on the same files while on the road... then re-synchronize when I come back, without losing any formatting, images, or other parts of the file itself.

I understand that KOffice is going to (or does it already?) use the OASIS document format that OOo uses natively. Perhaps that would be a starting point for a stripped-down opensource (and free) word processor for the Z that can seamlessly read and write OOo documents? I would love to see the "Stylist" abilities of OOo (among other things) on the Z!

Having lost a job recently, I had to get back to tuning up my resume (a word document obviously) on my Linux machine a lot and I thought Openoffice would work fine. But sadly everyone to whom I sent my word formatted documet (done in OO) said alignments were out of place and generally the resume looked so shitty that no one would even consider hiring me based on that (no wonder I wasnt getting any calls).

So, ultimately I had to dish out money and I switched to textmaker (on Linux) - having heard of textmaker on this forum - and its the best - complete with total MS Word compatibility, proper layouts and alignment maintenance in either Word or Textmaker, spell-check and the works. I was really impressed at its small size too, it starts up much faster than Open Office Writer does and I could go on here. Most importantly it maintains compatibility with Word formatting for pretty complicated formats too.

So now I am just waiting for textmaker for the zaurus and I am willing to pay for it - since I know I will get a better editior - a real heavy duty word editor.
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