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Full Version: Upgrading to OZ?
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Very new to Zaurus still. Trying to flash my new C860 with OZ 3.3.5.

Went here:

placed the, zimage, and initrd onto a SD card and went into the flash menu.

However, I'm not sure that OZ 3.3.5 "took"? I think I saw one error message about modprobe or something during the update. When the machine finally pulled back into the OS, it looked the same as before?

Anyway to officially tell if I am running OZ?


Have a look at the System Info application in the Settings tab. Or just look at the launcher-type menu in the bottom left: if it looks like a little O rather than a Qt symbol, you're using OZ. But you would probably notice the difference between the two anyway.
The look of OZ is way different than the sharp rom. You'd notice right away. Also f you can still see the hancom apps then you're still in the sharp rom.

I also have an 860 and I've been trying to set it up for the past few days. The problem I had was that I got the image and stuff from the wrong place try
Hum... this is the error that I get with Oz 3.3.5 flash from either the unstable or the testing directories at the FTP site.

modprobe: can't locate module devinfo

Any ideas? This pops up after the white screen with SHARP in red and some Japanese text.

Any help much appreciated.

biggrin.gif I had to rename the image and kernel files I downloaded. I need to cap the I in zImage and also remove the gcc3 from the bin file.

Cool.... now I seem to have OZ 3.3.5 installed on the C860.

Now I have to figure out what to do. ;-)

Thanks for the help.... I'm sure I will need more. laugh.gif

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