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Full Version: Ko/PI runs from command, not icon
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I just reinstalled KoPi after a hard reboot. It will run from the command line, but not from the icon. The icon points to korganizer. What do I need to do. It seems I've done this before, but it was so long ago, I can't recall the solution.


This is really beginning to annoy me tongue.gif

I've reinstalled, upgraded, checked permissions etc. etc., but can't seem to get Kopi to run from the tab icon. Open a terminal, type kopi and away it goes...

Can I put a path or something in korganizer.desktop?

This is driving me nuts (short drive, but one I don't like to take too often..)

Which version? The icon should run 'kopi'. The contents of /home/QtPalmtop/apps/PIM/korganiser.desktop on my system is:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment = KO/PI
Display = 640x480/144dpi,480x640/144dpi
Exec = kopi
Icon = kdepim/korganizer/korganizer
Name = KO/Pi
Type = Application
CanFastload = 1
My korganizer.desktop is identical (barring the use of different icon). I don't seem to have the kdepim icon.

The Exec runs kopi. Currently I have 1.61d installed. With korganizer 1.5 installed, the Exec is korganizer. and similar to the findings now, runs fine from commandline and not at all from the icon.

Redirecting the icon to another executable (example todolist) works fine, todolist comes up when I click the icon. Redirecting another icon to kopi in the executable list when resetting the tab settings results in the same error -- kopi doesn't run.

Permissions for korganizer.desktop are identical to the other desktop files.

This is really weird....
Checking the closure of KO/PI when I run from command line, I get the error

QPixmap:: convertFromImage: Cannot convert a null image kopi

I'm wondering if this may be why the icon route for initiating Kopi may be hanging...

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