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Full Version: linux desktop mobo recomendations
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I'm seeking recomendations for componenents whith which to build a linux box for my home network.
This will complement the zaurus, a win2k laptop and a win2k senver.
I want to keep the cost between $300-400USD.
The real concern is the mobo. I was planing to us an asus board until I recently read that they weren't very compatible or supportive.
I then became concerned that other components may not be linux freindly.

So i'm asking for basic component recomendatons that work well with linux.

Thanks for the help!
I'm running on an A7N8X-E Deluxe with Mandrake 10 Community edition. I think the A7N8X-X is probably better value ($62 on newegg today). I had a couple of problems
1) freezing up - fixed by adding acpi=off noapic nolapic to the LILO boot line
2) I had trouble getting the sound to work but in googling around everyone else seems to be happy. I did have a duff sound "card" on the first motherboard but newegg replaced it.

I'm currently wondering how to set up a cross compile environment as Mandrake 10 is gcc 3.3.2 not 2.95 and I don't know whether I'll just screw things up if I try to overlay it. Maybe a Debian install would be a good idea as they also have feeds for the arm platform.

I also have a 6000L and am finding it very frustrating as I want to port a Tcl/Tk app and there are no X roms for the 6000L yet. I have XQt working but can't find a version of Tcl/Tk that doesn't have some dependency problem.

The app is an augmentative communication program I wrote for my 7yr old who can't speak so I'm focused on making that happen and not spending months delving ever deeper in the innards of the Zaurus (much as I would like to). The whole thing reminds me of the old adventure games where every passageway just leads to another puzzle.

(Sorry, I wondered off topic. Frustration venting)
I have an MSI 865G Neo2-LS. It is Dual DDR, AGP 8X, SATAA and HT Ready.

I run a 2.6 P4HT and put in an Nvidia graphics card.

Currently I have a multi-boot setup with several distros--Xandros, Linspire, Mandrake, Suse, Mepis, Yoper and Fedora. All work great with no problems. Xandros, Linspire, and Mepis detected the hardware the best (sound issues with Mandrake, Suse).

The real concern is the mobo. I was planing to us an asus board until I recently read that they weren't very compatible or supportive.

I've been assembling my own computers for around 15 years, and have mostly used Asus motherboards. They provide zero support to end-users, and their support for wholesalers is poor. Their support website is very, very poorly organized, but it is often possible to find what info you need there if you dig long enough.

I've never had any problems with compatibility, and I've only ever had one Asus motherboard fail. I'm still using a couple of Asus-based machines I assembled in the mid-1990's.

OTOH, several of the other motherboard companies (MSI, AOpen, Abit) also have execellent reputations for compatibility and reliability.

I'd suggest looking over the reviews at Tom's Hardware ( and AnandTech ( for details. In particular, once you've decided on a CPU, getting a MB with the right support chipset for it can be important.

I'd also suggest finding a small, local store that assembles their own line of custom machines and sells parts. Talk to their techs, and buy the parts from that store, even if they cost a bit more than buying over the net. Having a friendly tech who will answer some questions can be more than worth the extra cost, particularly the first time or two that you assemble a computer.
I'm running a Soyo K7VMP2. Mandrake 9.2 installed without a single burp. Two issues - I don't particularly like the onboard video. It's ok if you are not a gamer as the only xserver I've found to work is the default vesa. I will probably be adding an Nvida card soon.

Second is that the USB2 is a little sketchy. I've had random hiccups with it so I disabled the USB2 support in the BIOS and all of my peripherals and gadgets are happy running plain ol USB.

I still have a 10gb drive in the box with 98se on it. I keep it mounted so I can access old files, but I haven't booted that drive in 2 motherboards now... Wonder what it would do. wink.gif
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