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Full Version: Trouble with 'Kanji Nirvana'
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I'm a Japanese Language student hoping to get a little help. I've been using my NEC Mobilepro as my electronic dictionary, but it's kinda big to lug around. I'd really rather use my Zaurus SL-5500 instead as it is much more pocketable (hence I carry it around much more than my M (Mobilepro)). I've downloaded and installed 'Kanji Nirvana 1.3' (The latest version if I'm not mistaken), but unfortunately I can't see any kanji. It actually appears to be resolving typed and hand written words/kanji but it just displays underlines or boxes where the Kanji apear in all the screenshots I've seen. Is there some other package/library that I'm missing ? A regional setting that I need to change ?

Daredemo, boku ni tetsudaimasen ka ??? (was that even anywhere near correct ?)

If anybody else has had and overcome this problem let me know.

(Or if you've yet to overcome it and just wish to gripe along with me that's cool too...misery loves company... )

Thanks all!
You need to download the unifont font.

Here's one from the old kani site

You will also want to get zten and the edict dictionary for it. Zbedic is also good but I prefer Zten

I really ought to start working on kani 2.0 again... it's just that I've found the built-in dictionary one the Cx60 units to be adequite.

Actually, what I'd really like is to get ahold of is the source for the built-in dict app, or at least to figure out how to access the built-in dict files. Does anyone have any information on what format the files are in, or even better, info on how to read them?
The built-in dictionary on the Zaurus SL-C760 is GDBase, which is a format produced by the publisher Gakken in Japan. For more details, see the following webpage:

I'm thinking of buying a Zaurus and possibly using it to help with my my studies too. I was thinking of buying a c750 or c860. Is it possible for Kanji Nirvana and some of the flashcard programs to work with the these models?


kanji nirvana seems to work fine on my 860, however the inbuilt kanji recognition is better than kani's implementation. Its quiz/flashcard is a it rudimentary, in fact I am starting to write my own flashcard app as none of those available do quite what I want (also, i want to learn java). The zten dictionary reader with edict works very well.

Cheers. I'm a bit worried the dictionary would be like that in my wordtank - more geared towards native Japanese speakers, but it would be useful to have some of the more basic programs too as I'm pretty much a beginner.
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