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Full Version: USB Sync cable HOWTO
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Zaurus USB Cable HOWTO

- solder iron with equipment
- USB cable with A connector (second is not important)
- TCX3106 connector - available here:
- knife

First we need to cutoff second connector from USB cable to get wires. They should be in following colors: white, black, green, red. This is norm but your cable may vary.
Then we have to do some soldering.

Wires order:
USB     Zaurus  signal
black   8       GND
white   12      USB-
green   9       USB+
red     *       +5V

If you want to make cable for sync only then do not connect red wire. It is recommended as Zaurus take more then 500mAh of power so it may broke USB ports in your computer.

Zaurus connector documentation is available on Sharp DE website: (file
Hi, I made a cable but also connected pins 1 and 2 onto the red wire and 15 and 16 on the black one. (for charging pusposes.)

I have a SL5500.

Can you tell me why you didn't connect those, and does it charge on the RED on 10?

I didn't wanted to burn another USB port (one died after charging Sony Clie via USB). Remember then Zaurus want more power then USB bus provide.

Anyway I have sync/charge cable now - bought "rectactable" one.
hrw, you are correct in what you say regarding the zaurus power usage... However, if you broke a usb port then it was very poorly designed. If you look at the port you'll find a fuse... just cross it out.

Normally the ports are protected by a poly-fuse... in other words a thermal fuse that resets after a minute or so... Some manufacturers only bother with like a 2A fuse on a block of usb ports, so that each one can in effect draw up to this amount.
Okay, thanks! it seems that my usb port is holding, so that seems to function okay.
an other problem i ran into is that my zaurus will not switch on. If i connect the usb while the zaurus is on everything works fine, but if i connect first and then try to switch on, it does not work. USB 5volt + is connected to 1 and 2 and VCC of sharp plug. Any idea's?
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