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Full Version: KA/Pi save data error
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Hello Ulf, Zautrix or anyone else with a clue.

Just had KA/Pi give me an error "Unable to Save" (In TitleBar). "There was an error while attempting the address book. Please check that other appliction is not using it."

I have tried versions from 1.7.5 to 1.9.3a installed to Internal memory or SD card with 1.9.x versions. I have not exported or imported anything with KO or KA/Pi for some time. I've checked file permissions on executables as well as data and config files. I only have one "File-Resource" defined in Setting as resource name, type=file, and Use as Standard is YES. Path is /home/zaurus/kdepim/apps/kabc/std.vcf.

I'm at my wit's end in the last couple days. I can manually edit the file with a text editor and all is well, it just will not Save after modify with KA/Pi. <shrug>

Vanna, can I buy a clue?? huh.gif
Hi slocaus,

I guess, there must be somewhere an "addressbook-lock-file" which has not been removed properly.
I have to admit, I do not know where this lock-file is located.
Maybe Ulf do know details?

Slocaus, can you find in the /home/zaurus/kdepim directory ( and subdirs) a file, which name contains "lock" and which size is zero or almost zero?

If you do not find it there, I would have to look for the filename in the program sources.

Found 2 in /home/zaurus/kdepim/apps/kabc/lock named std.vcf.lock and std.vcf3Q!Q2YAH both zero bytes.

I feel like a real dummy now... ;-(

(2 minutes later)
And of course deleting them solves the problem completely!!!! Duh! I just did not look any further than the data directories in my search for file permissions and so on. And I know about lock files as a linux users. I'll go bury my head now. smile.gif

Thank you, so simple, so obvious. (kicking myself in the butt as I fade off stage left...)
ya slocaus, we've all been there. Sometimes more than we care to admit....
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