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Full Version: WINE?
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Hi there,

I found a program for the Z called Wine, but alas it has nothing to do with Linux's WINE that runs Windoze binaries...

Is there, or will there be, a port of WINE for the Zaurus?

There may be a few small Windoze based proggies that I'd like to run on the Z, so a port would be nice.

BTW: zwine sounds perfect, especially because it sounds like the german "schwein" which means "PIG", haha! biggrin.gif


Basically WINE Is Not an Emulator so there's no point in porting it since any Windows apps will be compiled for 386 and not ARM. There has been suggestions of running WINE under a 386 emulator, like Bochs, but even if the Zaurus has the memory for this, it would be ridiculously slow.

P.S. Please search the forums. This has been discussed many times.
I did search the forum for "WINE" but I couldn't find anything... Perhaps I was sleepy at the time. Also at that time I didn't fully think of the Wine/DLL/Intel architecture...

I knew that Wine does not emulate but only "interfaces" with win dlls.... But until now I didn't realise the consequences when it comes to the Z. (Sorry, too much "Intel" thinking, it blurred my thinking...)

Appz like VMWare do not emulate a cpu neither, but merely "pass thru" so same problem there... and indeed: emulation would be needed to translate system calls from one CPU type to the other. Thanks for waking me up!

Ah well... Who needs win appz on a Zaurus anyway...
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