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Full Version: trivial infuriating problem
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I had the Kopi java thing working fine last week...then reinstalled everything to a SD card. Grrrrrrrr...

And now I try to compile and run a trivial applet (ie evm -appletviewer /mnt/card/java/HelloWorld.html where the html file just contains a link to the class file), and get an error like


Of course the class file is actually just /mnt/card/java/HelloWorld.class, so why is it looking for this nonexistent file? Obbviously I have something wrong in a pathname somewhere, but I'm buggered if I can work it out. Any ideas?

Can you post the reference to the class file that appears in the HTML file? It's difficult to say, without seeing that wink.gif

I had the ref to "HelloWorld.class" (and had tried all combinations of full/relative pathname, with/wthout extension) but had not noticed that it should have been HelloWorldApplet!


thanks for the hint..

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