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Full Version: xterm problems in X/QT and curly braces
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Hi all,

I've just installed X/Qt following the instructions of a thread in this forum, i've also installed all the emacs packages. The first problem that I have is that I am not able to execute a simple xterm. I've got the blackbox wm and can even run emacs but if I try to execute the xterm nothing happens. If I start the xserver using the console (typing xinit or startx) and then try to run xterm from the blackbox menu, i get the following message in the console:

xterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory
Reason: get_pty: not enough ptys

I am using the Cacko ROM 1.21 b and have installed the xqt-server 0.08 and all the x-qt packages to the internal memory.

The other problem is that I am not able to type the curly braces ( { } ) in emacs, Is there a combination of keys to get this braces? (in cacko's rom is shift+fn+< (or >) )

I am also using 1.21b, but have no problems with xterm under fluxbox or blackbox. I am not sure why you do not have enough ptys. Entries in /dev/pts get created as needed. Are you missing /dev/pts? Disk full (/dev)?
Hi datajerk

I have done a df -h and I've got only 59% used in /dev. and 57% used of the internal ram. If I list all the ptys in /dev i get a lot of /dev/ptya's from /dev/ptya0 to /dev/ptyaf . I've tried to change the permissions of the startx icon so it is executed with root privileges but got no improvement
I also have the curly braces problem but my X/QT and rxvt starts up normal. Many keys aren't there where I expect them from my cacko 1.21b rom. No pipe at [SHIFT] [SPACE] etc. I can switch the keyboard from DE to EN, some things do change but still no curly braces...
On my C760 with Sharp ROM, I am able to type

Fn Shift <




Fn Shift >



I also use KeyHelper and set it up to map Fn U to the opening curly brace and Fn I to the closing curly brace.
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