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Full Version: Can somenoe suggest me a software??
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Hey guys

I was wondering if you guys can help me with suggesting me with a software for my OZ3.2 5500. At the moment I bought this great little device to use for my servicing business. I service computers and like to keep note of what i did for invoicing purposes and also for my own knowledge. Ideally, I'd like to store how much was made in that service aswell so I have a good idea of my accounts recieveables and anything as such. The PIM software is good for organising, but I'd like some basic accounting tools as well as some great invoicing, note taking tools. The HancomWord is pretty good with its Templates but I want to make my own but can't find out how (does anyone know??). So my question is that does this software exist and where can i get it from??

So far ive tried:

QashMoney - Seems more of a budgeting tool to me rather then an accounts program, or am I wrong to think so?
JABP - I'd love to get it to work but the darn thing runs off Java and I haven't got it to run on Open Zaurus 3.2 just yet so I dont know...

Any suggestions with links would be great!!

Thanks everyone!
The old version of Jeode (from one of the 5500 2.xx ROMs) works fine on OZ 3.2.

You may need to ROMburst to get hold of it.

What is ROM burst lardman?

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