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Full Version: PQI SD
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I found this on ebay and wanted to know if it would work with my cl-700
I found an almost identical ad, albeit for a lower price:

It appears to be the same seller. Did you buy one of these in the end? If so, how do they compare in terms of reliability/speed to other brands?

*Edit: Obviously this card is a CF rather than a SD, just wondered if the seller was genuine and reliable*
QUOTE(Dr.HerbertWest @ Aug 3 2004, 12:37 PM)
I found this on ebay and wanted to know if it would work with my cl-700

- These links do not lead to eBay items, FYI.

- I just got a 1GB PQI SD from Starbella Enterprises on eBay, just arrived an hour ago and it doesn't work. Won't format; doesn't even recognize there's a device present at all. I sent them an e-mail to see how they respond ... it could well just be a bogus unit. More when I know...
it could be not compatable with the zaurus.

try lexar, PNY 1gb. 2gb sd cards do not work on zaurus at the moment.
I have a 1GB PQI SD card. I've had it for a couple months now formatted as ext3. It's been working fine and I've definitely been transferring lots of files to and from it. I got it from Fry's though, and also since those links don't work I can't tell if I have the same model or not. I've had a lot better luck with the PQI card than with SanDisk though, I can tell you that.
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