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Full Version: A black SL-5500 paintjob
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Has anyone elese given their Zs a paintjob ?

Post some links to pix please.

And what about sharing some techniques.

I tried paint thiner to get rid of the silver color on it ... but it did not do anytihng and i left in for hours. I have access to a pint booth and i gave it a mate black coat ( just one ). I banged it up couple of times and the paint came off. So i think i am going to take it back to the booth, give it couple of coats and let it dry good in between and than finish it off with a layer of clear coat.
Looks pretty good from here! I've been considering doing some customization to my Z as well. I happen to have a spare which has a broken touch screen, but could take the case from that.

I'm going to try powder-coating in a charcol grey color possibly. If I ever get around to it, will post some pics.
Hey .... do you want to sell your broken Z ?

Have you done anything to try and fix it ?

Did you take it appart to see what could be wrong ?
Someone posted some pics of their Zaurus with the silver paint removed at some point. I forget where I saw it though. They had sanded off all the silver to reveal the black plastic underneath. Of course the finish was a little rough.
I have been thinking about doing this too.

I hate silver, and anyway the silver is getting a bit scuffed now.

I was one of the first I know to paint my Atari ST. I stripped it down and used car spray paint (ford Capri black IIRC).

This was great, but I didn't put it in my pocket every day like I do with my Z.

I would also be worried that the cellulose would damage the plastic and make it brittle if dropped.

If it really is black plastic underneath, then I would be tempted to take some ultrafine wet and dry to it.

You would lose the decals, but the only really useful ones are on the keyboard anyway.

I have just had a closer look at my 5500, the corners have worn down with it being carried in my pocket every day, and yes, they are black.

where did I put that wet + dry.....

I will have some new pictures soon with a clear coat and couple more layers of black.

For the anonymous person who asked, no I do not intend to sell. I purchased this zaurus in it's current state (at a great price!) with the intent of using the functioning motherboard as a basis for other projects. Except for the touchscreen, the rest of the unit is 100% functional and running OZ3.2. Sorry, but if anything, I have been looking for other similar deals because the Z is built on such fantastic hardware.
I've now got a black keyboard cover.

I guess there is no turning back now.

Start with medium grade wet 'n' dry, progress to fine grade, use it wet, you get a much better finish.

dry it totaly, use a hair dryer if the gf has one, then polish with Mr sheen or American equivalent household polish.

Looks totally cool and I can't wait to finish the rest off.

The best bit is that it is not only black, it's "MATT" black. ALso, stuffing it into your jeans pocket will no longer destroy the finish, it will add to it. (making it smoother, rather than wearing off the silver and making it look shit).


All done.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would.

I either nocked the reset button, or the internal battery ran out as I had to restore it.

Good job I backed it up first.

here is the link to the page telling you how to take em to bits :-
zbones - I think that looks great! Though I don't know if I'm daring enough to paint mine... I was always terrible at painting models (cars, airplanes) when I was a kid!
I didn't paint it.

I just sanded it down. The plastic is black, it takes ages to get a good finish.

if you finish off with ultra fine wet and dry, use it wet, then the finish is really smooth.

The best bit is that it cannot wear off in your pocket like paint can.

It was starting to look a little shabby, which is why I decided to do it.

Very Sharp biggrin.gif

The silver "personal mobile tool" makes a nice contrast too. I may well do this with mine. It would be great if Sharp or someone had chassis available for purchase, then you could do all kinds of stuff with them without worrying too much.

Ha ha ha .... found this unit on ebay ( )
nice job!

i wonder how the guy on ebay did his..

I would like to try this on my c700 ..
As an addition, I couldn't be bothered putting too much effort into doing the back, as I just wanted to finish it off. As a result the back was a bit rough.

I have since found that brasso (wadding for cleaning brass etc) gives it a really smooth finish and gets rid of any small scratches that even the finest wet'n'dry sandpaper left.

This does give it a very glossy finish as opposed to the matt black finish, but I think I prefer it.

A word of caution, do not assume all zauri are painted black plastic!

have a look on the reverse of the battery cover, and inside the battery compartment. My cl760 appears to be a very naff "airfix" grey colour, so would require painting after sanding.

Shame as white just isn't my favorite colour. I was going to get a 750, but my 760 came second hand, so cost me less than a new 750.

One question: On all of these it apears that the decals on the keyboard were left in tact. How did you manage that?????

Side note: Why brasso works like that. It's not the abrasiveness of brasso, it's the solvents. It is actualy disolving the surface just enough to smoothit out. Be carefull with this as too much will surely damage your Z.
I removed the keyboard before I started, along with everything else that I didn't want to damage, including the plastic bits that cary the light from the power and mail leds.

The keyboard backing cannot be removed from the front section, but it is already black so I left it alone. If you stick masking tape over it, you ensure that you don't accidentally scratch it.
Just for the record, I'm a dumb ass. I never noticed the keyboard background was already black. I'm so stupid some times. Oh well, it's just the cabin feaver from all this freezing rain, yeah, that's it.
Sorry for resurrecting a reeeally dead thread, but I'm attempting this. I've just completed the keyboard cover, and it looks pretty scratched up, even after the brasso. I used Ultra-Fine sandpaper, and as Wet & Dry wasn't available, I used normal stuff. It seems to work fine wet. Is it supposed to be scratched up still? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Never mind, figured it out.
Second question. The website given with pictures of the images of the Zaurus 5500 insides works fine -- that is, until I want a closeup. As a result I have some oddly shaped grey plastic bits that I have no clue where they originally were. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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