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Full Version: Car mount
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Has anyone tried this?

I know dynamism sells them as well, I'm wondering how sturdy they are.
Likewise, would like to hear from people who have used it. This would be neat for wardriving :-)
Use it myself. Bottom pic is actually from my car. Would not recommend you go rallying in it, but for "normal use" it is fine.

My advice for all mounts that are using some kind of arm, unless it is very short.

You need the mount to make a good contact with some surface close to the device end. Otherwise you tend to get too much bounce.

Use common sense if trying to use zaurus while driving ...

I actually ended up moving the mount from the center widscreen area to driver side. It is a tight fit, but just managed to get it in there while still resting the back of the mount. A couple of twists in the windscreen arm was needed but it works great.
Might actually be ok for rallying now, since pillar should prevent zaurus flyig out when landing, but don't intend to try it smile.gif

Reason for moving it was that I found myself leaning forward when using it with qpegps due to small text size.

At new location, screen is closer and keyboard entry is very much more relaxed.

I've put my camera "Somewhere Safe" at the moment so can't find it. Otherwise, would have taken another pic...

By the way, qpegps is ok, but still a little buggy. Could do with some faster moving developers. Current ones obviously have a lot of real work to do and so updates are a little sparse.

Also, just sold my C860, hoping this will still work with the new C3000, but size changes might kill it...
While the dashboard mount would be cool, I've been toying with the idea of building my own Zaurus cup-holder mount, like the ones available for the iPod:

Not so good for wardriving or GPS but should be fine if you use your Z to play music through your car stereo.
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