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Full Version: Linux sync troubles
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I've used my Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D in Windows XP for the past year or so. Recently, I set up a computer running Xandros Linux Desktop 2.0 (Debian-based). I'd like to be able to sync my Zaurus with the Linux system, or even simply be able to FTP or Telnet to the Zaurus. However, even after installing a Linux version or Qtopia Desktop, I am unable to sync. I'm using the USB Cradle, and I'm not sure that Xanros sees the dock. Any advice on syncing in Linux? I'm (very) new to Linux on the desktop, and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
As they say in New England area USA,
"You can't get there from here."

Look at this page:

NOTE the last bullet point under "Limitations"

I do synch KDE PIM/Pi Korg with linux, I use Unison to copy my addresses to KAB, and I use rsync to backup my entire Zaurus to my desktop, including speadsheets, documents, movies, photos, etc. Transfers to the Zaurus are via scp, or copy to a CF card. Where there is a will there is a way, thanks to Linux. biggrin.gif
Looks great. I've looked around for directions on Linux install, and have never found any that are that clear and easy to understand (for newbies like myself smile.gif ).

However, the instructions deal with the SL-5500, which is identical to my SL-5000D in every way except for the internal storage (5500 has 64MB while my 5000D has only 32MB). Both of the files are larger than the onboard storage of the 5000D. Will the size be reduced in the installation, or am I just out o' luck? Thanks again! I want to make sure that I won't be completely wiping the Zaurus if it does not have enough storage to contain the new ROM.
You cannot install that upgrade on your 5000! And even if you could, you could not synch with Linux.

That was the point. There IS NO sync with Linux, period, from Sharp.
Point taken. All I saw on the Sharp page was the section titled "Zaurus OS Upgrade for Mac and Linux® Users." I failed to notice that last bullet point. Pretty typical of me... Rereading your first post, I think that simply using a CF card to transfer programs and docs between the Zaurus and Linux is actually all I need. To be honest, I rarely use the PIM functions on the Zaurus, and mainly use it to take notes. For that, the CF and SCP methods will be fine. Thanks for your time! By the way, I still can't tell figure out how to let Linux see the USB cradle... any ideas? Thanks again!
Try this page:
Looks good. I'll try it out, see what happens, and post results. Thanks!
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