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Full Version: Syncing with Windows NT
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Thanks to some advice from here, I have purchased a 5500 (rather than 5600) from Ebay.

Whilst waiting for it to arrive , I have been busy downloading manuals etc.

The 5500 has the US 3.1 Sharp Rom installed. Quick question has anyone had success using Intellisync with NT service pack6. The original version of Intellisync mentions NT Service Pack 6 working (although you need a serial cable) but the updated manual doesn't mention NT. I will need to sync with Outlook.

Does anyone know if I will be successfull or is there a workaround that I can use but still using the latest Sharp Rom

Many thanks

Nigel Bamber
SL 5500 (almost in the post!)
I'd guess that it will work, but you'll just have to try it and see. If it doesn't work then we can try and work out how to fix it.

I had syncing working with NT sp6 with my 5500 running tkcrom1.0 which is based on the sharp 3.10 rom.

Syncing worked fine, but file transfers often failed for larger files.

I am now using the cble for my gps unit.


Appreciate the reply - it brings me some hope !

Were you using the serial cable or were you using the USB cradle?


Nigel Bamber

SL5500 (still in the post)
NT 4 (sp6) does not support usb you have to use serial. I have it working with Qtopia Desktop.
Probably a very silly question. Are you saying that the cradle will not work with NT2 (sp6)? And that in addition to outlook not syncing, I will not be able transfer files from my PC to the Zaurus unless I have a serial cable?

As an aside has anyone tried the serialo zthincable from Expansys which seems to be about half the price of the official Sharp one?

Nigel Bamber
(stll awaiting the SL5500)
You can plug the serial cable into the cradle. You can pickup a sharp serial cable on EBAY very cheaply. If your pc has USB I would upgrade the OS.
Corky is 100% correct, nt does not and will never support usb.

Sadly my company insists we have to use it.

In answer to your question Nigel, I used the zthin cable purchased from expansys, and I did have it plugged in to the back of my cradle. File transfer worked and so did syncing, I never managed to get ip over serial working however, but I didn't spend long trying.

The cradle and the zthin cable ended up in my car, where it will get more use.

see this thread :-

To get IP working use my HowTO
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