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Full Version: QToolBar isn't dockable
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I'm developing an application for sharp zaurus 5600 and encontered a QToolBar related problem. The program is working fine in my PC. When tranfered to PDA, the QToolBar isn't dockable. Any body here can help me?

#include <qapplication.h>
#include <qtoolbar.h>

class SmMainWin_QT:pulic QMainWindow
SmMainWin_QT::SmMainWin_QT():QMainWindow(0, "test")
resize(235, 315);
QToolBar * tool_bar = newQToolBar(this);
addToolBar(tool_bar, Minimized);

int main(int argc, **argv)
Why do you say addToolBar(tool_bar, Minimized)? The toolbar shouldn't even show up that way (according to Qt docs). If it does show, I presume it starts out floating, right? I'm curious why you would need this - the 5600 has quite a small screen to accommodate a floating toolbar. Sorry I can't try out your code - I work in Python.

I have an opposite "issue". The application I'm working on uses 2 toolbars; they start out docked and they can be moved between docks flawlessly - but I cannot make them float (presumably I can't drag them far enough from one dock before they come too close to the opposite one).

The real problem I have with toolbars is that unless all toolbars are hidden, the Menu key does not work (it moves the focus to a toolbar rather than the menu bar). That may be Opie-specific, however. I'm not sure.

The "Minimized" Option make the tool bar folded at first place not unvible. If you take it off, the toolbar is unfolded as usual.

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