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Full Version: Could number of forums be reduced
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There are so many forumns on this website, and really there are not that many new posts. WOuld it not be easier to use if the nuber of forums were consolodated. Perhaps something like:

software issues:
hardware issues:

This is what I like about Sharp's forums, as it is very easy to browse the comments of the last few days, as the number of forums are rather limited.

Anybody interested in doing a poll on this topic

Moved topic due to relavence.
QUOTE(boosalis @ Aug 13 2004, 10:41 PM)
There are so many forumns on this website, and really there are not that many new posts.

Do you have some examples of such forums? I am reading those I like and would not be too happy if they were meged with topics I am not so much interested in just to reduce the number.

And, I regularly use the "View New Posts" which shows the news in all forums - independently of the number and structure of the forums.

-- hns
tapjpa - i would have deleted it on subject of relevance! ;-)

I agree fully with dhns, forums are great + most people seem to use view new posts.
Sorry to drag this up from the depths of the old news, but this is sort of related, and I partially agree with the original post. In my short time that I've been reading the forums I've noticed a few things that bother me.

First, the number of forums is almost overwhelming. I found that when I first started reading, and thought about posting, there were so many different forums, that I was't sure where my issue belonged. I'm not sure if there's a solution for this, and I'll give it some more thought, but I just wanted to express my initial impression. Maybe it's just the newbie in me not knowing where the divisions lie tongue.gif

The other thing is that there are two general discussion forums. Granted, one forum is for guests and the other for registerd users, but is it necessary to have both? Reasoning for my question is that I've noticed duplicate threads in each of the forums. In particular, recently I've seen threads in each of the forums for "end of Zaurus in NA" and "Newest Zaurus model". Personally, I'm interested in following the information, so I read both threads, but it gets confusing after a while as to what information was posted where.

One solution to this would be to merge the two general discussions into one forum, and have guest able to post in there.

The other solution would also be a merge of forums, but only allow registered people to post. I understand wanting to keep the forums as open as possible, so allowing guests to post is good, but registration doesn't cost anything, and it would make the fourms a bit tidier. Are there a lot of guests who post? Would it be beneficial to switch ZUG over to registered posters only?
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