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Full Version: 1st meeting date
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6/23 around 6:30 PM at John's Pizza on 44th between 8th and Broadway
Who's going to show up? I will be there.
I'll be there
I'll be there
we had a great time. i hope more will attend in the future. for those that missed this time around you missed out on few laughs and fun. some of us were able to connect to others in adhoc mode and after eats offroad and i headed to a park w/open node for more Z fun.

'til next time
A good time was had by all. BTW - Ladyjane is no lady. laugh.gif

I don't know why you would say that. Even though Ladyjane once "humped cwaig's leg", I though lj was a perfect lady all night. :roll:

I had a good time too. Thanks to the nyczug for your help with the basics.

JP, nice to meet your wife.
so offroad and i got together tonight as well and headed out to a local php user group meeting and wound up where else? u guessed it wi-fi enabled park for yet more Z fun. offroad was kind enough to connect to the ap and fetch some ipkgs for some fonts that i was "missing" (just installed dunno what happened). once the packages were gui came back and we were off to the races. i was able serve up some RAM envy and we both experienced some frustration w/verizon since we were on an open node but, continued to receive interference from the pay-for service from verizon....grrrr. monopoly's fun....when it just a game!!!!!

the Z ownz...and zugs RAWK!!!!!

ps-road thank for a Z of a time!!!!!
Hey. I met some of you zaurus guys @ the nycphp meeting.
Just thought I'd drop a note and say hi.

Hey all - thanks again for the get together. I was nice to you all!

ladyjane - thanks again for your wonderful hospitality. It was nice to be shown around the city, and great to be able to hop onto the hotspots at the parks. Very cool.

I'm headed back to SF today, so I hope to see you all again soon.

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