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Full Version: Problem installing OIPE-Keypebble and others
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I've recently purchased a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, and I'm having a few problems... Flashed with the Sharp ROM version 3.10 and all the relevant OPIE libraries installed.

When I try to install certain packages (most recently the Keypebble VNC client) with ipkg-new I get a single error message - "invalid magic". Other packages install fine.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

Cheers in advance.

Sorry I can't give you an exact answer but .ipk files are either compressed using the "ar" program or "tar" together with "gzip". The "invalid magic" problem arises when your ipkg only recognises one of these methods and the ipk you are trying to install was made with the other one. Try unpacking the ipk by hand - "gunzip whatever.ipk" - and you should get and "invalid magic" response if the ipk was made using "ar".

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks for the reply. I'll have a play tonight if I get a chance. smile.gif


I've just come across this problem too, attempting to install the nxembedded thin client for openzaurus.

It turned out that the download was actually tarred rather than tar+gzipped.

So, I gzipped the file.ipk
& then rename file.ipk.gz to file.ipk again

& then it installed fine using ipkg.

HTH Thanks.. I was doing one last google before I was going to extract the nx package and rebuild the ipk (learned somthing about ipks though hehe). I can't beleive NX did that.
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